Linux Solutions
Kshell initiatives for 2005 include the following Linux development projects :-
It's about business not technology. Every day more and more businesses are developing an Internet strategy, which not only markets their company to a global audience, but also enables instant communication through e-mail and direct sales through e-commerce. Kshell can design, manage and maintain an Internet strategy, which includes Web site creation, mail services and e-trading facilities that will scale with your business growth.
Security & Access Control
In today's Internet driven business environment, protecting your information systems is paramount. Viruses, security breaches (from both in and outside of the organisation), denial of service attacks and just plain breach of company email policy are all major headaches facing any business that embraces the inescapable presence of the Internet in the business world (and home).
Kshell provides practical security advice to all our clients, from our small business customers, right through to our multi-national clients. We understand that different organisations require different security solutions, and as such we maintain relationships with many different security vendors, to ensure that our clients get the right security advice for their needs.
Are you tired of receiving unsolicited emails? Kshell will be developing a solution to help block annoying spam e-mails. Spam e-mails can generate extra bandwidth usage, fill up mail accounts and reduce productivity in general.
In the current fast paced business environment, organisations are investing significant sums of money in software programs designed to increase efficiency and productivity for personnel. But even the most advance software will not live up to expectation if the people using it are not aware of the full functionality of the package.
In response to our client's requests to empower their staff with the knowledge to fully utilise today's advanced programs, Kshell now offers flexible training options on software. All the training options listed below are performed by qualified training facilitators.
ADSL Solutions
With high speed broadband Internet connections becoming more affordable, we are offering great packages to set up and connect our business customers with ADSL Internet. We will be contacting our customers soon regarding our new ADSL packages.
Note: ADSL services may not be available in some areas.
Kshell focuses on information technology goals and ensures these align with the greater organisational objectives. Our extensive experience with information technology budgets and finances means that we can work with you to implement the best solution for your budget.
We can provide a comprehensive analysis of your current information technologies, along with your entire networking profile. This allows us to have an in depth understanding of your systems' capabilities and features and how they interact in your business. We can then produce a customised report, complete with recommendations directed at improving your system efficiency and ultimately productivity.
Existing systems can then be supplemented with the recommendations we propose. We will coordinate, execute and oversee the entire project from start to finish. This means Kshell is your first and only point of call.

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