We Service and Support

Ad Hoc Support
Our Ad-hoc support plan gives access to industry accredited engineers with out making any long term commitment. The service is classic ?pay for what you use? with no bells and whistles. This service is most suitable for:-
A technical report ,opinion or break fix of a certain technology for your business;
Other irregular support requirements.
Retainer Plans
Wouldn?t it be nice to have the same engineer turn up periodically to ensure that your valuable business information is safe? An engineer that is familiar with how your business operates and your specific systems. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is personally looking after your computer network.

Our retainer based support plans offer:-

Regular preventative maintenance on your core infrastructure;
A significant Discounts off the hourly service charge;
A primary and backup industry accredited engineer familiar with your site;
Telephone and email support;
Remote administration when required.
Pre-paid Support
Do you have a project coming up that is going to require more than just casual support? Whatever your project we have the bundle for you! By buying a block of sixty hours you get all of the following advantages:
Up to 8 bonus hours free of charge when you finish your prepaid block;
Easy management of your budget ahead of time.

Why not take a Technology Health Check!

A quick and low cost review offering help and advice to make you aware of the technology that is available to you along with recommendations of how you can maximise the use of technology to automate processes.

Systems Audit

General review of your system set-up together with recommendations for improvements.

Expert help and advice in using your existing software to take cost out of your operation and improve productivity, returning the investment in your software. KSHELL can review your business goals and your current IT infrastructure, and produce a project plan which focuses on achieving your business results in a timely and practical manner.




  Our Solutions


We look after your IT needs so you can focus on your business critical areas.

Benefit Summary:

  • Reliable backup you can count on
  • Superior protection from virus and other Internet threats
  • Data security against hackers
  • Improved workstation performance
  • Utilise current IT system
  • Fewer hardware failures
  • Complete technology solution for your business needs

Kshell Support Plans include the following:

  • Network Diagnostic
    A thorough technology audit documents all systems in place. This is essential for IT planning and disaster prevention.
  • Scheduled Onsite Maintenance Service
    IT support consultants will be at your premises at scheduled times to perform a customised maintenance program. During these visits they’ll also provide support to users and address any immediate issues.

A typical Maintenance Procedures

Shown below is a summary of our Schedule Maintenance Procedures - these form the basis for developing a customised maintenance procedure designed to meet the specific needs of your business.


  • Check System, Application and Security event Logs
  • Check free hard disk space
  • Empty recycle bin & delete temp files
  • Check RAID Array / Hard Drive Management systems
  • Apply relevant Patches and Service Packs
  • Check fan speed and server temperature


  • Check Hubs / Switches for high utilisation & data collisions
  • Check Load Balancing
  • Check DNS server name resolution
  • Check WINS server database consistency & name resolution
  • Check DHCP database consistency

Backup Systems

  • Test Data Restored from Previous Backup
  • Check all backup event logs
  • Truncate unnecessary catalogues
  • Clean tape drive heads
  • Update Emergency Restore Disk

Virus Protection

  • Check Virus definitions &http://www.legrandcrm.com/ security alerts - update if required
  • Check Virus scan logs
  • Check or Delete quarantined files
  • Check firewall log files
  • Check for program security updates

Internet and Email

  • Check administrator mail box and address any issues
  • Check Postmaster Mailbox & forward undeliverable emails
  • Check queues in Internet Mail program
  • Check email access
  • Check queues in fax server program
  • Check Remote Access Service and connection times
  • Check Internet connections and connected times
  • Check Internet data downloads (by user if applicable)
  • Check and test Internet access restrictions
  • Check email policy, usage and quarantine settings
  • Delete temporary Internet files on server & workstations

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Test UPS and check configuration
  • Check battery life


  • Check Free Hard disk space
  • Delete temporary files
  • Assist users with peripherals, software & hardware issues
  • Check Virus Protection status
  • Run a full virus scan of hard drives
  • Check for program updates / patches
  • Check Hard Disk Drive for Errors
  • Defragment Hard Drive(s)


  • Maintain user profiles and user permission groups
  • Manage mailboxes, email aliases, and distribution groups

Our Focus

"We have always focused on improving our value-added services to our clients, and it is this type of commitment that enables our clients to focus on improving their businesses."


"Find out how you can better manage and grow your business. See how others have turned their innovative ideas into world-class businesses."


Through our established associations with primary providers of IT products, we have the capability to develop  solutions that integrate into your existing network infrastructure. Our value-added services include;-


... and support of cost-effective solutions without compromising quality of service.


 We Support


  • PC's
    Desktops / Laptops / Servers
    General “Win-tel” machines. We will liaise with vendors and manufacturers on your behalf to resolve hardware faults and to achieve maximum performance. All hardware components contained within is generally within our scope of support.
  • Peripherals
    Desktop or Network printers, scanners, modems, routers and switches are supported for general maintenance and troubleshooting unless supplied under leased/maintenance contracts by other vendors.
  • Cable infrastructure
    We do not facilitate network cabling but we are happy to liaise with electrical contractors on your behalf.


  • Operating Systems
    We support are Microsoft Windows – all versions   Macintosh OS9 & OS X.

    Our technicians are Certified Microsoft Professionals in Windows. We have acquired knowledge, experience and expertise in Windows 2003 Server, including MS Exchange Server.
  • Desktop Applications
    We have knowledge and in most Microsoft applications, beginner, intermediate and advanced. We are therefore capable of providing help desk support, customised solutions and training in a myriad of application features.
  • Back Office Applications
    Anti-Virus, Mail Server, Tape Backup, Firewall and database systems.


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