About Us
Kshell Networks is an innovative provider of value-added I.T services.
Since 1998, we have provided end-to-end solutions to meet the requirements of many small to medium sized organisations.

Our personalised service has attracted the management of not only multinational companies but also that of smaller start up businesses looking to setup their companies as streamlined and cost effectively as possible.

Our solutions are built on  AppleMac, Microsoft, SUN Microsystems, CISCO and a keen adopter of Linux and open source based solutions.
Our team consists of certified network, software and hardware engineers with over 15 years of knowledge and industry experience. Our network engineers are experienced in providing AppleMac, Microsoft, Linux and open sourced solutions for WANs, LANs, and general PC support. Our in-house web designers are experienced in Java, Perl, CGI and other web development tools and skills.

Kshell Networks' high level of commitment to each and every one of our customers is shown through our quality of service.

Our clients are from a wide range of industries who have benefited from our expertise, and who continue to use our services include:
Why Kshell Networks?

Kshell Networks offers a total solution for your current and future Internet  & Technology developments. It is locally owned and operated with all profits remaining in Australia. We draw on a pool of highly trained staff who are experts in their chosen fields.

Kshell Networks offers expert consultancy in Hardware, Software, Networking, VOIP and I.T. Management, drawing from leading industry suppliers like Dell, Cisco and Microsoft to mention just a few.

Our graphics team comprises of innovative and talented designers who are versed in all forms of media advertising.

 Kshell Networks employs designers and technicians that specialise in their individual areas of  development and keep abreast of industry changes by undertaking ongoing training and skills development.

Kshell Networks offer a personalised service based on our clients' requirements and strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

Kshell Networks aim is "fast and personal service with a high level of skill and efficiency".


Kshell Networks Pty Ltd ? 2003